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Why with a  tour guide?

Postcard Florence or real Florence?

If you like to look beyond appearances and superficial stereotypes, if you want your holidays to surprise and enrich you, if you prefer to “live it” rather than just to “see it”, visiting Florence with a licensed tour guide will make it an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy the show!

It’s impossible to discover Florence in just a few days.But if you are accompanied by a professional  tour guide you can just relax and enjoy all the wonders and stories that one of the worlds most beautiful and historic cities can offer. Then settle back, relax and let the show begin! Experience all the emotion that this magnificent city, cradle of the Renaissance,can offer.

Raise the curtain!


Why should you choose me?


See through the eyes of a  real Florentine

I’m a Florentine and nurture a deep love for my city, its long history and magnificent heritage. From childhood and the first outings with my mother as guide, this city has fascinated and charmed me. It continues to surprise me and there’s always something new to discover in both its past and its now. Florence’s great history inspires its present. It’s a living city with exciting contemporary culture – events, exhibitions, great  food and wine, exciting shopping and fun on the streets. The historic city reveals more each year  as research and science further illuminate its past. I hope to pass on  my mother’s passion for her beautiful city in the belief that through sharing it with the world we are also helping to preserve it for future generations.



Well, now you know that Florence is my passion. My aim is to communicate it to you and to excite your curiosity and your desire to deepen your knowledge.



I don’t like to leave anything to chance because I’m scrupulous by nature. My guided tours are studied in detail. I love keeping up to date, studying about my territory and deepening my knowledge.



I’m a tourist guide because I really love this job and it perfectly fits me. That is why when I work I’m always in a good temper. Meeting your needs will be just a pleasure!


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  1. Krisy
    Krisy 6 giugno 2013 at 12:05 ·

    We really loved spending the day with Elena! She truly does have a palpable passion for Florence that begins to rub off on her clients. I saw things in a way I never would have appreciated without a guide, and I learned so many interesting things about the history, art, and culture of Florence. Thank you, Elena!