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Florence Old Bridge tours

Discovering Florence… à la carte!

Loveflorence offers custom-made, quality tours. This personalized option means that visiting Florence can become a more intense aesthetic experience and will give you a broader understanding of our culture. So, whether you want more choices or have more specialized interests, we can meet your needs and offer you more.


If you don’t like following the tourist trail and your tired of the fixed menu, if you want to take away not just beautiful pictures but also unforgettable emotions, if you’re a traveller and not a tourist…. then Loveflorence is perfect for you.

With Loveflorence you’ll never feel “one of the crowd”. You are our guest.

Florence is magic! Share our passion as we explore it together.


Tourism is culture

Florence was the cradle of the Renaissance but this is only one chapter in it’s great history. . It hosts one of the worlds most prodigious collections of Art.  But it is also a living museum, a  vibrant city of beauty and culture that tells the story of its people. Knowing and enjoying this heritage is the first step to its preservation.


Sustainable tourism: a value we should promote

Loveflorence believes that tourism can be an effective way to promote peace and mutual enrichment across cultures. Florence is much more than its famous David, Botticelli and Ponte Vecchio. We’ll also take you to discover the places that are  quieter but no less interesting than the famous sights. Fascinating, because they preserve their authenticity  and connection to living culture.

Get off the beaten track and take a better look – you’ll learn something different.