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Loveflorence if perfect for those who want to see more than “postcard Florence”. We have created four lines each with a selection of tours.
You can choose among different tours, depending on your interests and the length of your stay.  We’ll be delighted to make your holidays the experience of a lifetime, suggesting you the perfect balance between culture, fine food, unforgettable landscapes and fun.

Our guided visits are suitable for children, too. It’s never too early to discover art and culture.

These are our four lines of tours. You can choose among them or mix and match:

 Love at First Sight, The Five Senses, Discerning Travellers, Staycation


Love at first sight


These tours are the perfect solution for those who visit Florence for the first time. If you  don’t know much about the city’s history and traditions this tour will take you to the most important museums, walks, and  picturesque  spots. For those who don’t have much time, don’t miss this “must see” of the city!


  • The Uffizi gallery

The Uffizi gallery has more than one and a half million visitors every year. More than two thousand masterpieces are displayed  in dozens of rooms. It’s the worlds most important collection of Renaissance painting. And if that’s not enough to inspire you or if you’ve already had a look, come and admire the style and innovation of the recently opened rooms dedicated to Italian and European Painting.


What does Uffizi mean? How did this imposing collection come to be? Who is the beautiful woman Botticelli painted obsessively throughout his life and whose face inspired his famous “Venus” ?Why did Leonardo, seeker of perfection, paint the Virgin with one arm longer than the other in “The Annunciation”?

As we enjoy one of the world’s greatest galleries together, you’ll find out!


  • The Accademia gallery

It’s the second most visited museum in Florence after the Uffizi Galleries and home to  Michelangelo’s most outstanding masterpiece” David “and “The Slaves” Here David , beautiful as a Greek god, stands at the end of a gallery in a circular tribune, bathed in the natural light. He represents much more than just the king of Israel. Through Michelangelo’s hands he becomes the symbol of freedom, the representation of  Renaissance man and his revolutionary philosophy. His story and  art merge with that of Florence with its contrasting politics of the Signoria and  the Republic. Here the artist searches for harmony and perfection in a  tormented and complex personality.

Where was David’s original destination? Can I interest you in some less known stories about Michelangelo’s  life?


  • The Boboli Gardens

Florence’s most beautiful and famous park. Its high walls offer a quiet escape within the ancient  city.  Its immense natural beauty, historic landscaping, ponds and ornamental plants and statues make it an open air museum. For those interested in garden design and history, it represents the quint-essential   “Italian garden”. In this project the renaissance mind  expresses its admiration for classical beauty. As we retrace its paths and admire its “vistas “ you will begin to understand the refined vision of the renaissance thinking and this exciting moment of rebirth in mans journey in time.

……come and  we’ll explore its shady secrets!


  • Love at first sight! Walking tour

First time in Florence? Want an idea of the layout of the historic town? Treat yourself to a Tour that we know will turn your experience into Love at First Sight! On this out-door walking tour you’ll see and enjoy  all the “musts” of Renaissance Florence. You’ll be introduced to the important names  , culture and traditions of the time.

You’ll see things the others miss!


  • ThePitti Palace and the Palatine Gallery

The Pitti Palace is one the most imposing building in Florence. At the foot of a hill, just outside the “old city” it hides the elegant  Boboli Gardens behind its massive, fortress-like  stone walls. The residence was home to illustrious families such  as the Medici, Savoja, and Bonaparte. All have left their mark on its architecture and decoration. The palace hosts several museums, the most important  being the Palatine Gallery with its formidable collection  of paintings boasting the highest number of canvases by Raffaello and masterpieces by Titian, Andrea del Sarto, Caravaggio, Rubens, Bronzino and Artemisia Gentileschi.

Come with me and I will explain how this magnificent palace, its treasures and the intrigues of its families tell the story of Europe.


I have introduced you briefly to the above sights but this tour also includes-  The Modern Art Gallery, The Bargello and the church of Santa Croce



The 5 Senses – Experience Florence.


These tours were designed to give you a complete experience. That is not just to see but to participate in a fuller sense with ones mind, body and emotions.


  • Visits and Games for children. Art helps us grow!

These experiences help children to appreciate how people lived in Roman times. How did people eat in the middle ages? How  didpeople dress in the Renaissance period?We’ll have fun and learn going back through  time, with walks, quizzes and treasure hunts. You’re never too young to learn through Art!


  • Florence by night

Florence is even more fascinating on a moon-lit night with its lights reflecting on the Arno. The shops and museums are closed , the streets quieter and the atmosphere is more relaxed. What better time to enjoy a a walk and the company of a professional guide who will enthrall you with the citiy’s story and secrets.


  • Honeymoon Heaven

As we walk along through the romantic streets and  atmospheric “piazzette”, let me serenade you with stories of Florence’s most famous lovers. There’s Dante and Beatrice, Petrarca and Laura, Paolo and Francesca, Cosimo 1st and Elenora, Francesco 1st and Bianca Cappello and  many more tales to tell.


  • Need a Personal Shopping Guide?

You may think you don’t but when it comes time to doing some serious shopping it’s easy to get lost in the retail jungle. You will certainly save time and probably money as well if you  get advice from someone who knows the best shops and the best buys whatever your budget may be.

Florence is shopping heaven with its designer boutiques, exquisite craftwork, great outlets and markets. Let me show you  around.


  • What’s your Style?

Walking or Bike Tours. Tour in Segway, Florence in a wheelchair or in a boat on the Arno.

You choose your preferred way to travel and I’ll take care of the rest!


Also available in this Tour selection are visits to historic craftsmen’s workshops and Wine-Food tours in various locations in and out of town.

Florence guided tours

Discerning Travellers: tours for connoisseurs


This Tour is, as the name suggests, aims to satisfy  more demanding travellers. It offers  more informed visitors a more extensive experience and, or the opportunity to explore more specialized interests .


  •  Guided tours to touring or temporary exhibitions

Check for the exhibition you’d like to see, If you can’t find it on my Events page, contact me.


  • Retracing the life of Michelangelo

An itinerary that explores the life and art of this prodigious genius viewing his great masterpieces in a series of locations – “Casa Buonarroti, La Galleria dell’Accademia e Le Cappelle Medicee. We will discuss how this great artist changed the Art of his time. What was his philosophy?


  • The Florence of the Medici

Visit the palaces and churches of the most powerful and influential Florentine family of the Renaissance. For a century, during the family’s zenith, they reigned  absolute but they were also instigators of the future  Florentine Republic. Generous benefactors of the arts, their villas and palaces hosted the great artists and intellectuals of this golden age. We will see San Marco Church, Palazzo Medici Riccardo, San Lorenzo Church and Palazzo della Signoria. I will tell you the story of a conspiracy against the Medici that led to and a bloody assasination in one of these churches.


  •  Between Art and Science

A walk in search of meridians, antique clock towers and  places that recall the life and work of Galileo and the ancient Academy of Cimento.


  • Oltrarno- the other side of the river

If you want to see the real face of  Florence , you can’t miss this side of town. Here it seems that time has stood still. The streets are quieter and the craftsmen continue to work in their workshops as they have always done. Daily life goes on undisturbed by the crowds and noise. Enjoy the city’s elegance and authenticity and get lost in its charming back-streets.


  • From the Etruscans to the Romans

Fiesole is a charming and picturesque village north-east of  Florence. Its vicinity to Florence and beautiful  surrounding countryside   make it a popular outing. However ,it’s also important  as an  ancient archeological site. Here it is possible to explore the cultures of our illustrious ancestors the Romans and Etruscans. Explore the Roman amphitheatre and visit the Museum.


And there is still more to enjoy! Explore the historic homes and gardens of Florence, the “cenacoli”-scenes of Jesus and his disciples in various church refectory. Make your request and we will try to satisfy.


Staycation – a holiday at home

These tours are actually studied for visitors and our many local “expats” alike. Been living in Florence for a while? Do you remember the city that enchanted you and made you want to stay? It may be time to take a fresh look at your adopted home. Fall in love again, enrich and renew your culture and appreciation and of our heritage. Be part of preserving this treasure for future generations.  In fact, we’ve combined the words stay and vacation, eluding to the idea of being on holiday while your at home.  If more than10 million tourists choose to visit Florence and surrounds  every year, that’s a million reasons why we Italians should too! Why not dedicate some of your free time to reconnect with our immense cultural patrimony.  Re-visit your city or get out of town and rediscover the beauty of our countryside, villages and historic attractions-  known and less known.  Visitors and  local guests,  enjoy  and  be part of  a renewed awareness and appreciation of our heritage  that we hope will contribute to its safeguard  for the future.


  • Medieval Florence

What was the Florence of Dante’s Time? Where were the centres of power ? How do we recognize  Medieval architecture?  How did people live during the so called  “dark ages”?  Where does the term “ballottaggio” come from? Lets explore Medievil Florence  and find the answers  together.

We will visit  the Church of Orsmammichele, the Loggia of Bigallo, Piazza St Elizabetta with its ancient prison. Also, we’ll see The Tower of the Castagna (or chestnuts), the so called Church of Dante where he regularly attended mass and met his secret love. Then, there’s the house of the Towers – towers  at that time symbols of a families wealth and presige. We’ll wander through the ancient streets where we can still see the original facades of the “botteghe” or workshops of its famous craftsmen.


  • Giovanni Michelucci, a genius of his time

Who said that Florence is only “antique”? This Itinerary will show you that there’s more! We’ll explore our great architecture of the 19th Century. In particular the  indelible mark left by architect Michealucci, in a  richly varied creative lifetime that spanned a century. We’ll see Stazione Santa Maria Novella, The Post Office Building. and The Cassa di Risparmio Building at Ponte alle Grazie to name a few.


  • Villa Bellosguardo and Gardens. The Museum of  Enrico Caruso

When the already world famous tenor Caruso  set eyes on this magnificent Renaissance villa with  its gardens and splendid views he decided to make it his own. It was love at first sight but second  to his greatest love that of Ada. Come and admire this romantic setting and breathe in  the atmosphere  of   their  fairytale love story.


  • Sacred Florence

Did you know that San Lorenzo was Florence’s first Cathedral. Here the first Christian comunity gathered  to worship in the time when the pagan Romans worshipped  “Marte”. This Tour explores the rituals, places of worship, popular beliefs and superstitions of the city’s past. Have you noticed the unusual column on the right of the Baptistry? Who were and what was the role of the Buonuomini di San Martino?  How were puplic  and religious life linked in past centuries? This Tour will tell you this and more!


  •  The Secrets of Villa Demidoff and its Renaissance Park

The magnificent villa of Pratolino was built by Francesco I and designed by the famous architect Bernardo Buontalenti. He suceeded in his inspiration to make the surrounding parkland “a garden of wonders” adorning it with an extraordinary  variety of water features, statues and  other exotic follies that were typical of  late Renaissance taste and style.


  • Vallombrosa Abbey and Museum of Sacred Art

The Church complex is hidden in the green embrace of the ancient Vallombrosa Forest. The original nucleus of the sanctuary was consecrated by Saint John Gualberto, who after his youth as a noble knight, withdrew to become a hermit within its walls. This tour will introduce you to the beauty and atmosphere of the monastery. Witness the daily lives and ritual of its monks where little has changed over the centuries .We will visit its museum of sacred Art which boasts a magnificent Madonna and Throne by Ghirlandaio


This Tour option also incudes: The Villa of Poggio Reale, The Wine Museum, The Bardini Museum and The Museum of Silverware.